The Hidden Internet - Exploring The Deep Web

Let's take a journey into what experts are calling "The Deep Web". In this episode, I will show you what that term means, and how to get there, and I give a bit of a description of what you might find. 

The Dark Web | The Other Side Of The Internet | Documentary

Regular Search Engine Results vs Deep Web Search Engine Results

How Dangerous Is The Deep Web?

The deep web makes up about 99% of the internet. To most of is it remains an unfamiliar entity. The media often portrays it as a dark and secretive place. Is this true? Alltime Conspiracies investigates.

Healthcare Insurer Database Of 9.3M Records stolen

Only two days prior the alleged hacker thedarkoverlord had stolen 655,000 patient medical records from three different medical firms. Now the same hacker has purloined 9.3M patient records from a healthcare insurer by exploiting a 0 Day Remote Desktop Protocol flaw.

Medical records stolen in data breach. 655,000+ records

It was a matter of time until this happened, but it quite interesting to note that this is not the only hack perpetrated by a hacker going by the handle thedarkoverlord. In an apparent breach of security surrounding the Remote Desktop Protocol an estimated 655,000 patient medical records have been purloined and auctioned off on the Dark Web.