6 Tips To Secure Your Website

Most people on the internet are good, honest people. However, there are some people browsing the internet who derive fun from poking around websites and finding security holes. A few simple tips can help you secure your website in the basic ways. Now, obviously, the subject of data security is a complicated one and way beyond the scope of this column. However, I will address the very basics one should do which will alleviate many potential problems that might allow people to see things they shouldn't.

5 Security Considerations When Coding

Writing code for applications, websites and even databases are also targets for malicious actors. Inadequate coding practices and techniques may expose privileged functions within their application to being subverted for profit or corporate esipionage. Considering these threats, there are some techniques which need to considered when writing code to handle sensitive information, or having access to secure systems and databases.

What do cyber-security, Ronald Reagon and the Wargames movie (1983) have in common?

As it turns out in Fred Kaplan's latest novel 'Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber Warfare', quite a lot!

New Pokemon Go Ransomware Creates Windows Backdoor Account

With all the craziness around the mobile game Pokemon GO, it was only a matter of time before attackers took advantage of this popularity to spread ransomware.

Public WIFI and why you need a mobile VPN provider

A recent survey from Kapersky Labs identified that an estimated 53% of smart phone users and 70% of tablet users connected their devices to a public Wireless hotspot on a regular basis. Although in some cases the networks were 'protected' with a passphrase, this is no guarantee that your connection is secure, or the information being transmitted. In this article we will be delving into 'man-in-the-middle' and the basic steps required to protect yourself on public WIFI.

DIY: How to make a private VPN server

If you simply must use a public wifi such as those found in popular restaurants, cafes or even hotels. There is a way to secure your connection from would be eavesdroppers and attackers, and it is actually extremely cheap and relatively easy to setup for you and your family.

What is a Rogue Access Point?

A Rogue Access Point is a WAP (Wireless Access Point) which has been installed either knowingly or innocently which allows access to a controlled network through an uncontrolled SSID. Rogue Access Points can advertise as a legitimate SSID, a unique SSID, or not broadcast their SSID at all. What can an everyday user do to detect, isolate and prevent a Rogue Access Point from commandeering or hijacking their network?

What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is the attempt to attack a single networked target with a co-ordinated army of other networked devices simultaneously for a prolonged period of time. Targets can be anything from a local small business through a large multinational organisation or religious organisation.  

Australian Cyber Security Strategy

In April of 2016 the Australian Government released their Cyber Security Strategy which calls on private enterprise to collaborate together with Government to report and share information about cyber attacks against their organisations. In their strategy, the government identifies the following important statistics:

Cybersecurity Management - Free Short Course

Have you been looking for a cybersecurity expert, or even thinking of becoming a cybersecurity consultant yourself? Well Charles Sturt University have put together this free short course for learning the basic of Cybersecurity Management.