Tracking spammers through their emails...

Spam. It has been a bane of network administrators, users, and phishing targets for as long as most users today have been alive (if you were born after the mid 1970s that is)... So how does one track the sender of an email message, or the source of a spam message? Simple, we need to read the metadata within the email itself.

Prevent phishing from stealing your identity, and life.

Technology has brought along with it some offenders who have found many ingenious and malicious ways to leverage the world wide web to deceive people. They do this by robbing people of their individuality and their life savings through confidence scams (referred to here as phishing).

A live Spear-Phishing attack in action...

A live demonstration of how a spear-phishing attack is conducted, and just how much damage an attacker can do once a user takes the bait.

Spear-Phishing attack in action

Have you ever wondered what a spear-phishing attack can do within the space of 15 minutes? Well the Wolf Pack team have made a recording of a drive by infection which compromises the target PC in a matter of a few minutes.

Phishing for beginners... what is it?

We've seen them all before, perhaps we have managed to filter them out with some creative email and spam filters... but any good network security officer should stay on top of spam reports. Why? Because it gives the Network Security Officer a clue to whether their business has been targetted for infiltration through spear-phishing.